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Happy Hollidays!
To celebrate the season, we are providing a free embroidery pattern for your next holiday fun project.

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Reindeer (5 X 5″)

These reindeer pictures are made with some simple stitches such as Satin Stitch, Long and Short, French Knot and Outline Stitch.

This product, “Stick’n Stitch” is very useful when you transfer patterns. You can just print out the patterns on one of these sheets or trace the patterns by hand. Then you just stick it on the fabric that you want to use for you stitching.

Long and Short Stitch
Satin Stitch for Antlers
Outline Stitch

After you finish all your stitching, just put the fabric in water and the pattern melts off! This product works very well on coarse textured cloth, too.

For a final touch, you can use gold sequin on the reindeer’s collar as a bell.

What you need


You will stitch with two strands for all the below numbered items, except for the reindeer’s eye lashes and the sparkle in the reindeer’s eye. For those numbered items, use only one strand. So, numbers 7 and 8 use only one strand.

  1. Reindeer’s face and body – Long and Short Stitch with caramel color thread
  2. Reindeer’s head – Satin Stitch and Long and short Stitch with brown
  3. Antlers – Satin Stitch with dark brown
  4. Ear and mouth – Satin Stitch with vanilla
  5. Nose and collar – Satin Stitch with red
  6. Eye – Satin Stitch with black
  7. Sparkle – Stitch in the eye for a couple of times with white (One strand)
  8. Eye lash – Make three stitches with black (One strand)
  9. Plants with berries
    Stems – Outline Stitch with dark green
    Berries – French Knot Stitch with red
  10. Plants with leaves
    Stems – Outline Stitch with green
    Leaves – Satin Stitch with green
  11. Word “Joy” – Satin Stitch with red
  12. Sew a Sequin on the reindeer’s collar.

How to do Satin Stitch

How to do Long and Short Stitch

How to do French Knot Stitch

How to do Outline Stitch

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