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Hello Spring!


Spring is around the corner!

A lot of flowers have started blooming outside and they are invoking your creative impulses.

You are probably feeling the need to share your excitement and passion with someone you care about very much.

This Paper Embroidery Spring Greeting Card Kit may be the best way for doing just that. Both satisfying your passion of creativity and sharing your joy with your beloved love one.

Let spring be the time when you renew yourself. Let’s start by stitching some beautiful cards and sharing the beauty of flowers!

Paper Embroidery Christmas Cards


Is staying home making you bored? If so, here is a fun project for this holiday season.

Send a special holiday card from your heart to the people you love. They’ll love it!

This paper embroidery kit includes things you need such as needles and threads.

It has four designs.

Christmas tree
Gingerbread man
Christmas Wreath

All you need is this kit and some hot chocolate to add to the fun!

Paper Embroidery Birthday Cards


Hi, CraftyEggers!

We just came out with our newest kit of fun crafts, “Paper Embroidery Birthday Cards.”

Paper embroidery is cute, thoughtful and fun! You can make cards for your special someone’s birthday, the newest member of your family, or just make one for anyone you feel special about.

Paper embroidered cards are not just a piece of paper, they really show your care and have given extra thought and effort into gifting a personal gift and card. Embroidering your own paper cards will always be a great and unique way to show how much you care.

Paper embroidery has been a popular craft for a long time, but have your ever received one?

If you did, then you probably felt very special and maybe even still have it. They make wonderful keepsakes.

Did you know? Stitching on postcards was a popular trend in Europe in the 1970’s.

Go to our store and check them out.

Christmas Tree Decorations – Reindeer – Hoop Art – Outline Design Embroidery


Here is another project for your holiday! We want to share with you this wonderful and cheerful design. Holiday themed projects are always fun and this little reindeer is the cutest one around. So let’s get to it!

For this design, you will only need to know and use the Outline Stitch, French Knot Stitch and Satin Stitch.

Download Free Pattern

What you need


You will stitch with two strands for all.

  1. Reindeer- Outline Stitch with caramel color thread
  2. Antlers – Outline Stitch with brown
  3. Nose – Satin Stitch with red
  4. Collar -Outline Stitch with red
  5. Make three Bells on the collar -French Knot Stitch with yellow
  6. Eye – French Knot Stitch with black
  7. Plants with berries
    Stems and leaves – Outline Stitch with green
    Berries – French Knot Stitch with red
  8. Snowflakes -Stitch with Grey or Light Blue

How to do Outline Stitch

How to do Satin Stitch

How to do French Knot Stitch

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!