Paper Embroidery Birthday Cards


Hi, CraftyEggers!

We just came out with our newest kit of fun crafts, “Paper Embroidery Birthday Cards.”

Paper embroidery is cute, thoughtful and fun! You can make cards for your special someone’s birthday, the newest member of your family, or just make one for anyone you feel special about.

Paper embroidered cards are not just a piece of paper, they really show your care and have given extra thought and effort into gifting a personal gift and card. Embroidering your own paper cards will always be a great and unique way to show how much you care.

Paper embroidery has been a popular craft for a long time, but have your ever received one?

If you did, then you probably felt very special and maybe even still have it. They make wonderful keepsakes.

Did you know? Stitching on postcards was a popular trend in Europe in the 1970’s.

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